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What is The Difference Between a Quilt, Doona And Duvet ?

July 29, 2023 4 min read

Are you looking for ways to add warmth to your bed this winter ? A quilt or duvet may come to mind and yes, and there is a small difference between the two depending where in the globe you live. But one thing that is for certain, no matter where you live, the importance of sleep and quality bedding essentially go hand in hand at any time of the year.

Hopefully this article is all you need to clear matters up, as references made to quilts, doonas, and duvets happen all the time and the truth is they are essentially just different terms for a bed cover!

So, as you start your hunt for an insert, it is important to understand composition and how it will keep you comfortable and cosy.

 Here we briefly explain how to distinguish between them, their small differences and choosing the best.

 A Quilt

A quilt consists of three layers stuffed with batting (an inner material comprising of either wool, down or microfiber). A quilt will typically have diamond or square stitching patchwork, designed to keep the filling in place to avoid air pockets.

A winter weight quilt is recommended for those who like a more structured look when styling a bed. It is ideal for bitterly cold mornings and nights.



Indian Quilts 

The world famous 'Jaipuri Razai or Indian Quilts' have emerged from the royal patronage. The specialty of these reversible handcrafted quilts lies in the beautiful Sanganeri prints, its light weight and softness. They can be confused with Kantha Quilts , Indian bedspreads or Indian blankets , but the main difference between an Indian quilt and a bedspread is that a bedspread is two layers of fabric stitched together , and quilts are two layers of fabric stuffed with cotton batting, and stitched together. The printed Indian quilts are usually heavier and reversible. 

At Décor Mantra, we offer a wide variety of premium Indian Quilts /Jaipuri Razai, in King & Queen bed sizes. 

 Each of our quilts is hand-block printed in limited runs using traditional block printing techniques. They are then filled with 100% cotton filler and hand quilted by beautiful women from a village outside Jaipur, India. It adds an extra layer of warmth during the cold and works perfectly by itself during the warm weather.  A quilt for all seasons. 

  indian quilt queen

                                              Floral Indian quilt


 A Doona

So, what is a doona and is it the same as a quilt? The short answer is yes, and here is why.

Looking back over the years a quilt or ‘continental quilt’ was common terminology, but then the language changed (in Australia) and the term ‘doona’ snuck its way in (for various reasons) landing on the lips of customers in the market for an insert.

The origins of the name ‘doona’ derives from the Danish word ‘dyne’ meaning down and feathers. The ‘continental’ part was dropped for the most part, so both ‘quilt and doona’ is used interchangeably.




A Duvet

Ok, so that was simple, straight forward even, but what then is a ‘duvet’ you may ask, and rightly so.
Originating in Europe, a duvet (also sometimes referred to as a continental quilt) is a large soft flat
bag (no stitching) filled with goose down, feathers, wool, or even man-made materials like synthetic. Designed for long and very cold winters, this heavy covering can be regulated by regular ‘fluffing up’ to prevent pockets of air getting trapped between the down, hence allowing a comfortable body temperature to unfold. 

A duvet gives off a more relaxed vibe to your bedroom styling and goes well with minimalistic interiors. The idea behind a duvet is that it retains heat better than a quilt, due to the extra fill inside. A must for colder environments that experience sub-zero temperatures.




A Comforter

Consisting of a single stitched patterned to keep the soft fill like cotton, wool, silk, or synthetic filling in place. A comforter is a popular choice of bedding which offers a great way to stay warm due to its great insulating properties. It does not require a cover (unlike a doona or duvet).

A comforter is not to be confused with a ‘coverlet’ which is much lighter and great for when you are transitioning over to Spring/Autumn when you still need bit cover, or it can be that extra layer on top of a quilt or comforter in the dead of winter.

A comforter is charmingly different to a quilt or duvet, adding elemental appeal to your bed ensemble. Think layering, folding it to the foot of the bed for a super cosy vibe on top of a quilt or duvet.

This type of cover really depends on your comfort fit and how cold or how warm you feel and is recommended for cold climates or people who prefer a snugger heavier warmth that is evenly distributed.




A Bedspread

The humble bedspread relegated to the bottom of the list through no fault of its own. It is often used as an ornamental covering for a bed when it is not in use. It is basically a ‘cosmetic’ cover that reaches over every part of the bed (including pillows) draping to the floor.

Some people prefer to sleep with the added weight of a bedspread, instead of just a sheet in summer, especially if sleeping with an open window or air-conditioning. Although personally, I think they are often found in hotel spaces for convenient laundering purposes I guess, making them practical.

The bedspread is a ‘versatile’ covering which is making a comeback. You can shift your bedroom’s interior if you like the minimalist look.

Taking a contemporary spin back to the 70’s achieving a subtle ‘vintage appeal’ the bedspread is worth a ‘look in’ if you are that way inclined.




Indian blanket

                          Indian blanket/ bedspread


A bedroom is a personal space, and with the best bed covering that suits your climate, your body temperature and individual style, you can create a bed that is not only appealing but enhances your slumber.

 At Décor Mantra we stock a range stunning , floral , printed Indian quilts (Jaipur Razai)  and Indian bedspreads/ Kantha Quilts/ Indian blankets. 


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