How to buy a round tablecloth ? ( A roundup )

February 09, 2023 8 min read

"The Best Of Times Are Always Found When Friends And Family Gather Round".                  -Anonymous

 Ahh the dinner table. Full of memories and laughter, it is a symbol of abundance. It's where family, friends and loved ones come together over a home-cooked meal. 

A functional and beautifully dressed table can convert even the most ordinary event to a special occasion. Hence why it is so important to have the right size and shape dining table for the number of occupants living in the home. You want to ensure everybody fits comfortably, creating an encompassing atmosphere.

I think most would agree that a quaint round table creates a special and cozy setting. It truly brings people together. With everyone seated at the same level, conversations always flow freely. In addition, their shape makes it easier to pass food around and see everyone better. And because there are no corners, people can walk around and get in and out of their seats easily. 

If you don’t mind a glass top (not so forgiving as timber or marble I know) this is an even better alternative for a small-scale apartment or tight squeeze, as it gives the illusion of space for that all important ‘room for movement’.

Round tables vs Rectangular tables

 The shape of your table, round or rectangular/square, is down to personal choice and the decor of your room. Also, both round and rectangular tables have advantages depending on what your use case is. Here’s a rundown of strong points of both round tables and rectangular ones.

 Round tables

  • Round tables take up less space than a rectangular table.
  • More leg room, if the table has a pedestal base.
  • Round tables make for a more cosy and intimate setting.
  • Suitable for smaller settings.
  • Popular choice for wedding receptions, family dinners and gatherings.

 Rectangular tables

  • More surface area.
  • Give a more formal look to the setting.
  • Can be put against a wall.
  • Ideal for seating large groups of people.

 What are the standard /different sizes for a round tablecloth ?

The standard sizes for round tables in Australia range from extra small diameter of 60 cm, that can seat 2-4 people, to an extra large 290 cm for 10-12 people, whereas in US it ranges from 32 inches to 108 inches.( The diameter of a round table is the distance across the widest part of the circle, passing through the centre) . 

The most common round tablecloth sizes you can buy for these tables depend on your theme, occasion and how much overhang you want for them. We stock round /circular tablecloths in sizes 150cm, 180cm and 220cm. 

Do I need a round /circular tablecloth for my round table?

 Understanding the different table cloth sizes for round tables is an important step for selecting a tablecloth. Whether you've got a small, a large or an extendable table, you'll want to purchase the correct size tablecloth for your home. 

 Points to consider with a round dining table:

  • You can have varying tablecloth sizes, depending on the type of event you are hosting. For example, consider a full-length tablecloth for a formal table setting and a shorter one for a less formal one.
  • A round tablecloth looks draped over a round table looks the most elegant 
  • A square  or a rectangular tablecloth can also be used over a round table. 

    Sizing guide for buying a round tablecloth

     When you buy a round table you need to find out the best round tablecloth sizes for it. Here is a quick way to determine the most appropriate size for the tablecloth:

    1. Measure your table's diameter ( the line which divides the table into two. )

    2. Decide the drop or the overhang you want for the tablecloth. 

    3. Lastly, multiply your desired drop * 2 and add your diameter . That's your desired round tablelcloth size.

    Example - The table is 107 cm diameter. Drop desired = 35 cm for a formal look. So tablecloth size = 35*2 + 107 = 177 cm.

                                     round 180cm tablecloth

    So the 180 cm tablecloth fits perfectly.

     How much should the overhang be ? 

     The best length for a tablecloth to hang is whatever looks good to you. If you're not sure, try different lengths and see which one suits the best. For most people, the standard drop would be between 15cm and 25cm.

    However, a bigger overhang can look very luxurious and elegant too. 

    Please refer to our tablecloth sizing blog to understand the ideal sizing for your table. 

     Square Tablecloth on a Round Table

     A square tablecloth can also be made to work with a round table. The key is to find the correct size. It should be large enough to give appropriate overhang and not so large that the edges touch the floor.

    1.  Measure the diameter of your table by measuring through the centre point.
    2. Casual Setup: For a casual occasion, buy a tablecloth that the diagonal length(corner to corner) that is 30 to 50 cm more than the diameter of your table.
    3. Formal Setup: For a formal occasion, buy a tablecloth with a diagonal length 45 to 70 cm more than the diameter of your round table.

    There you go! If you get your measurements right, a square tablecloth can be made to look very elegant on a round table.

    Rectangular Tablecloth on a Round Table

     It is difficult to make a rectangular tablecloth work with a round table. Although not entirely impossible, we would advise against doing this unless there’s no other choice. Like round and square tablecloths, the key is to get your measurements right.

     Here are a few pointers, should you choose to pair a rectangular tablecloth with a round table.

    1.  A rectangular tablecloth will have different measurements lengthwise and breadthwise. So you’ll end up with different drops on different sides of the table.
    2. To make sure that the tablecloth covers the table completely, you’ll need a tablecloth that measures(on the shorter side/breadthwise) at least 30 to 50 cm more than the diameter of your table.
    3. On the longer side, the tablecloth should not be so long that it touches the floor. Given that the average height of a dining table is about 70 cm, the tablecloth should not be more than 140 cm longer than the diameter of your table.

     How to Fold Round Tablecloths

     So, now that you've got your favourite round tablecloth, how do you make sure it always comes out in good shape? Let's get you in on the trick of folding and storing it.

    1. To begin with, iron it and lay the tablecloth on a flat surface.
    2. Fold two opposite sides towards the centre.
    3. Bring the two sides together by folding the corners.
    4. Fold it in half lengthwise and keep doing so to your desired length.
    5. Store the tablecloth on a flat surface.

    Perfect! This process will keep it flat and wrinkle-free till the time it’s ready to be used.

      10 best round tablecloths to dress up your table 

    Take your home entertaining to bright new heights with these beautiful designs.
    Although, you are more likely to come across rectangular or square tablecloths, there are still plenty of beautifully designed round tablecloths out there that come in various sizes to put your own stamp on. At Décor Mantra you are spoilt for choice with 10 beautiful 100% cotton ‘mood enhancing’ tablecloths to create and express your own personal style. 
    1.   White round tablecloth 180cm - Appliqué cutwork

    white round tablecloth

      Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your round table with this delicate and unique applique, cutwork tablecloth. A luxurious celebration of craftsmanship and culture, it is guaranteed to be the focal point of your next gathering. A versatile piece that will work for Easter and Christmas alike.

         2 . Palm tree blue round tablecloth - 150cm ,180cm and 220cm

     beach tablecloth small round 150cm

    Spruce up your beach house, Hamptons home or coastal decor with this luxurious palm tree blue and white tablecloth. Hand block printed on premium cotton. it is as durable as it is beautiful. 

     3.  Florence red, pink and green circular tablecloth -180cm and 220cm


    round xmas tablecloth

     Delightfully delicate, this charming tablecloth has a relaxed ,vintage look, like it came straight from a country kitchen. With it's dainty flowers and pretty blossoms in soft, muted colours, "Florence' will take you back to the countryside where life is peaceful & tranquil. Super popular as a Christmas tablecloth. 

    4.  Australian native tablecloth - Flannel flower green

    easter tablecloth

    Bring the beautiful simplicity of the great Australian bush to your table with our stunning Flannel flower tablecloths. Designed in Australia and hand block printed in India, these green round, cotton tablecloths are perfect for everyday, special occasions, and all your festive celebrations . Available in 180 and 220cm sizes for 6 and 8 seater. 

    5. Blue and Green block printed round tablecloth - Green Ivy

                round table cover

    Whoever said "Blue and green should not be seen " definitely got it wrong. Inspired by the colours of nature, this stunning round table cloth is the perfect addition to your lovely home. Beautifully printed on luxurious cotton, it’s guaranteed to create smiles every time you decorate for a special meal with friends and family. Available from 150-220 cm. 

    6.  Pink floral circular tablecloth - Pink Ivy 


    pink tablecloth

    Add some vintage charm to your kitchen or dining space with the stunning Pink Ivy round tablecloth. The premium cotton fabric features a hand printed pink motif and delicate green vines pattern in a flowing pattern that is sure to be the centrepiece of any room. Perfect for everyday dining or special occasions.


    7. Flannel flower light blue round table cover - 180 and 220cm

                          round table cover

    The Flannel flower tablecloth is an ode to Australiana. The collection combines the best of ancient Indian hand block printing techniques with the beautiful native Australian florals to bring the beautiful simplicity of the great Australian bush to your table. 


    8. Flowering gums round table cloth- Yellow 

    yellow tablecloth

      Another exclusive Decor Mantra creation, the yellow flowering gums round table cover seamlessly captures the spirit of spring and summer. Designed in Australia and block printed in India, they bring the gum trees straight to your table. Available in 180 and 220cm sizes. 


    9. Flowering gums round red tablecloth 

     round table cover xmas 

    Bring a burst of colour to your table with this vibrant "red flowering gum" round tablecloth. Quintessentially Australian, and a  one-of-a-kind piece,  it will be a show stopper at your next gathering. Popular all year, but more during Christmas.

     10. Flannel flower navy blue tablecloth -180cm

          blue round tablecloth

       Similar Australian native flora pattern in a rich navy blue colour scheme. Available in 180 cm / 72 inches diameter size. 


     Conclusion :

    A round table has an aura of elegance, simplicity, and practicality, making it super functional. Another bonus is you can squeeze more people in for a gathering, and eye contact and conversation apparently flow better in this set up! Oh, and if you have small children, who are prone to knocks and bumps, the lack of sharp corners will not be missed!

    It is ideal when space is limited or when you want to create a cosy nook in your kitchen or home. 

    Do you love round tables too ? Or have one in your homes ? Let me know.😊

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