Setting the table with Table Runners & Placemats

November 03, 2021 3 min read

Dining Table is where we enjoy food with our family & friends. A lot of us misuse it for a variety of purposes. We use it for everything except dining.

It keeps the family together, and as the saying goes. “A Family That Eats Together Stay Together." Adding Table Runners and Placemats to Your Dining Table can make your dining table shine & Your dinner velvety.

Decorating the table with a variety of table runners can make your dining experience mesmerizing. The Purpose of using a table runner is not just a protective cover but also great for home decor.

Here are some ways to decorate a table with runners

Decorating a table runner should be more of a fun activity than following some overwhelming set of rules. Use the guidelines below and create a unique flair that speaks out your personality.

1. Traditional Long & Lengthy

The traditional table runner style is placed lengthwise and centered across the table with enough length to leave some material across the edges about as far as down as the table cloth.

Try and experiment with some styles which speak your personality. If you choose to go the traditional way, lay the table runner centered across the table, making it a centerline attraction with the dishes & centerpieces. It's possible to mix things up by adding a layer or two of the table runners with placemats and creating a WoW experience by combining with napkins and centerpieces.

2. Short & Enticing

Short Table runners can spruce up your dining decorations. A shorter table runner will have the same impact as a longer one, But You get the chance to flaunt your beautiful dressing table.

For the Shorter and Sweet style, we use table runners that are significantly shorter than the table.

3. Going wide with Table runners

Another classical look for the table runner is laying the table runners widthwise. You may skip the use of placemats with this table arrangement & if your dining room table is absurdly large, this arrangement could divide the eating areas.

4. Combining the Table Cloth with Runner

For an aesthetically pleasing dining experience, combine square or round tablecloth with the runner. Make sure you choose the pattern & color in perfect contrasts which complement each other. It will enable your table to stand out during formal occasions.

5. Experiment with Your creativity

If you’re someone who likes to try new things, you should know that there are millions of design possibilities that You have been exploring for years. You would love some of your own designs that you can create with table runners & placemats, and they can serve as an enticing visual experience.

Now we know how table runners can add grace to your dining. But to protect our lovely dining table, we need placemats.

So Why are they so important?

  • The placemats are not just a decorative item but also a functional accessory of the dining table.
  • Placemats offer protection of the table from scratches and watermarks. The heat from food items and hot drinks can damage the wooden dining table or the glass tabletop.
  • The best quality placemats create an elegant look for your dining table. They are easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth.
  • By placing them strategically, you can arrange crockery and cutlery for each person by defining a place on the table. It makes the table more organized.
  • Placemats are sustainable. You can use them over & over, they will last forever and when you get bored of them only throw them in the recycle bin to give them a new life as another product. They also reduce & clutter sound with cutlery, glass & ceramics.

So If You are looking for a superior quality table runner, placemats, or Napkin, Check out the premium collection at Decor Mantra for exceptional quality products that are handmade with high-quality textile, sustainable, and ethical. 

Using Placemats at Formal Dinners

You can definitely use placemats on formal occasions too. They are elegant yet affordable to liven up any table. Even simple placemats can enhance the presentation of the setting, making dining more formal & polished.


It's no secret that placemats & table runners are still fashionable. They come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and designs, depending upon your taste & preference. When it comes to choosing the right one for your dining table, make sure you pick what's right for you and what works with your table decor.

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