August 10, 2021 4 min read

“When a guest sits down, there should be something beautiful and inspiring to look at.”

― Annie Falk

Whether you're entertaining guests for lunch or dinner, or you just want to add some style to your dining room or kitchen, adding table decorations can be accomplished quickly and easily with a few simple steps.

Therefore, we will show you how to transform an ordinary table setting into a beautifully decorated one, with the help of centrepiece ideas, homemade decorations, and table linen. You can use these tips to decorate your dining room table as well as your kitchen table.

So, let’s get started.

Table Linen

Table linens are sure to make your next family gathering a smashing success. Adding colourful table linen to a room can liven it up and add a lot of impacts. For table decorations, this is a wonderful starting point. Plus, colours and intricate details provide years of reminiscing. 

 Spring Blossoms Tablecloth

This stunning tablecloth with its splendid design and stunning colours is inspired by our love of spring gardens, sure to win your heart. Perfect for any occasion where you and your loved ones can share a memorable moment.

Tropical Tablecloth -Palm Tree Green

Or if you would like a tropical rainforest at home, and you're into coastal decor, this beautifulpalm tree table cover will make you feel like you're on a holiday, and you'll be near the beach all the time.

Table Runners, Placements, Napkins

Blue Palms Table runner

Add some tropical flair to your space with this stunningBlue Palms table runner. This vibrant piece was inspired by a coastal vacation home, and will be a perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor space. 


Blue Palms Napkins

Table napkins are a great foundation for many table decorations, including the above-mentioned. 

Mint Green Cotton Placemats 

This long, narrow place-mat is usually placed on top of dinner tables and also on top of tablecloths. You can place them in the centre of a table for decoration, or you can use the theme to complement the decor of your home.


An excellent point to talk about when discussing table decorating ideas is a centrepiece. A centerpiece serves both as a decorative piece and as the theme for the room. They are a great way to give a bit of glamour to space even under regular conditions - and may be made without being expensive. They are typically utilised at formal occasions or at holiday seasons like Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving.

But what type of centrepieces can you use?

  • Faux Flowers

It should come as no surprise that faux flowers are to get creative with the vase you use to store them! But, try to keep to odd numbers. The effect is more appealing visually and creates a sense of balance. Using different heights can also be effective (for example, using shorter flowers, contrasted with taller branches).

  • Unique Vase Vessels

Branches in a tall vase make a dramatic statement. You can also decorate the tops of the branches with butterflies in Spring, real leaves in fall, and snowflakes during the holiday season for elegant seasonal looks.

With exquisite vases, you may add a touch of history and handcrafted beauty to your house.

Vases made of blue ceramic or brass also make an excellent addition to any room. It may be used to showcase real or fake plants and flowers, or it can simply look lovely on a shelf.

Blue Pottery Vase

This lovelyblue ceramic vase is guaranteed to liven up any room in your home with its gorgeous hues and pattern. Use it to decorate a table, ottoman, or shelf with your favourite plants. It is ideal for a seaside or Hamptons-style home.

Round Brass Vase

Or go with a brass vase. Our artisans work diligently to create the perfect round flower vase for you. Due to the shape, it is one of the most difficult products we produce. The perfect companion for your table decorations.

  • Planters

Brass Cup Planters

With their golden lustre and vibrant colours, these small, intricatecup planters can brighten any room. Place them on your night stand or on your coffee table to display your favourite plants.

Match Colours 

Matching colours can make a huge difference to the appearance of a table. Try using seasonal colours; for example, for spring and summer, use bright colours and for fall, go with warm colours. Fresh flowers and table linen can also be matched with the colours of the plates and dishes. With minimal effort, matching the table runner to napkins and simple decorations will make your dining table decor stunning.


No matter what your celebrations revolve around, a hearty brunch, or a grab-and-go lunch, or a formal sit-down dinner, we have you covered with pro pointers that'll make hosting the dinner a memorable event with these table decorations.

We hope you found this article helpful, in creating gorgeous table decorations without spending a lot of money or effort on them!  You may visit and drive to layer a centrepiece or a beautiful vase on any occasion for more such ideas. 

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