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    " Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      GEORGE_ELIOT

Mother's Day is celebrated on various days in different parts of the world, but in most countries, it falls on the second Sunday of May (May 9th in Australia this year). It is a day to honour motherhood and celebrate the unconditional love, and light mothers bring to our lives.

Mothers are a walking-talking miracle. A mother understands the words her child is not speaking and consoles the feelings they are not aware they are experiencing. No matter how tumultuous your day might have been, life somehow seems okay the moment you're engulfed in the protective embrace of your mother. They are the only true and real magic on the face of this earth.

The last year has been challenging for all of us, especially on a mother’s well-being. Ensuring the safety of her loved ones, juggling hectic work schedules, and home-schooling the children while remaining the glue that holds everyone together, was no easy feat.

This Mother’s Day, shower the maternal influences in your life with love, affection, and your time (if you can) and show them how invaluable they are to you. If you are looking for inspiration on how to make it a day to remember, we, here at Decor Mantra, have you sorted. This year let us celebrate Mum whilst also supporting small businesses.

Here are some of our favorite gifts and experiences to spoil your mum, mother-in-law, a mum-to-be, or the mother figure in your life:-


  1. Picnic: 

    We spent a lot of time locked inside our homes the last 2 years. So why not skip the presents this year and spend some quality time outdoors with your mum? Pack a basket filled with your mum’s favourite treats and head to your local park or beach for a memorable Mother's Day. 

    mothers day lunch
  2. A fancy home-cooked meal:  

    Celebrate what sets her apart by treating her to a sumptuous home-cooked meal. Start by creating the perfect table setting. Here’s what you'll need to get started: A beautiful tablecloth, some fresh flowers, a delicious bottle of wine, lovely wine glasses, and fancy dinnerware. Cook up some delectable delights and make it a day to remember for her (for those with siblings, make sure they don't beat you to this). I guarantee you'd be her favorite child after this. Some easy and effortless recipe ideas hereand here.

    Figs and Fetaalso has gorgeous beaded plates and cutlery sets that would elevate your tablescaping to the next level. For a selection of wine glasses, you can’t go wrong with TheSourceHomewares.

    Explore some great table setting and decorating ideas here

    table decoration ideas
    Image credits :-Cottonwood & Co

    table setting ideas
  3. Pamper Day:

    Mothers are legendary for putting their families before themselves. Her less-than-cavalier attitude towards her own body and skin is probably no different. Show her you care with a visit to your nearest spa or salon, and give her aged and wrinkled skin the much-needed lift she deserves. Ease away her tension with a full body massage or a refreshing facial to invigorate and revitalize her skin. She may be older, wiser, and grey, but she also deserves to look as fresh as a daisy. (No favorite places here. Would love your suggestions).

    presents for mothers
  4. Jewelry/Watch:

    Don't they say diamonds are a woman’s best friend? Burn a deep hole in your pocket and surprise her with some classy jewelry or a diamond watch, and watch her eyes sparkle. Check out Salera'sfor some elegant designs.

    mum gifts
  5. A personalised gift:

    The times you lived together and the experiences you shared with your mother as a child mean the world to her. Show her you reciprocate those feelings with an old mixtape/photo frame or mug. Or capture your nostalgic memories and freeze them in a time capsule in your own photo book. Check out some local businesses on hard to find or ArtifactUprising for some unique presents.

    gifts for mum
  6. For the gardening enthusiast:

    If you always find her tending to her garden or making frequent trips to her local Bunnings, you can delight her with some new bulbs from BetterHomesandGardens, or some Native Australian plants online. You can also click and collect from some wonderful native nurseries in your neighborhood. 

    mother's day gifts for grandma
  7. A Journal:

    Koh Living has you covered with a range of bright and colourful Australian-themed journals designed by indigenous artist- Anna Blatman. Whether it be used as a daily journal, for recording those secret family recipes or keeping track of that never-ending to-do list, your mum will love the thought. 

    presents for mother in law
  8. Knitting and Crocheting gifts:

    Whether she is a pro or a beginner, you could always find some lovely yarns, crocheting, and knitting supplies and patterns at Betterhomesandgardens and Spotlight. She could even knit you a beautiful beanie just in time for the winter chill. Win-win ;)

     unique mothers day gifts
  9. New gadgets:

    A new appliance, gadget, or automation can make her life a lot easier and help her finish the chores in a matter of minutes. Look online to see what she might need. One of the things I am thinking of gifting my mum is the iRobot vacuum and mop. Now here is a gift that sucks but doesn't.
  10. For the tea connoisseur:

    It is a rarity to see a mum relaxing, as there is always something (or someone) needing their attention. Those few minutes of sitting down to enjoy a hot cup of tea have an almost therapeutic effect. A very thoughtful gift would be a fancy tea set from TheSourceHomewares. You could also stock up her collection with a variety of flavours from T2tea.

     mothers day present ideas
  11. A Jewelry/Trinket Box:

    A very artful and unique gift idea is a beautiful hand-painted jewelry box- a perfect companion for her precious trinkets. The possibilities for this multi-utility box are endless. Due to its intricate and exquisite design, this jewellery box is set to be a family heirloom passed down through generations. Some beautiful creations here.

    earring box
  12. A Block print quilt or a Kantha Bedspread :

    Get the popcorn and her favorite Netflix movie ready, and snuggle up on the couch in a beautiful, reversible, hand block print quilt . Or a Kantha Quilt/ Bedspread. Made from premium cotton, she will cherish these for years to come. A one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind mum. More stunning designs here and here

    block print Indian quilt
  13. For the adventurous mum:

    For mums that love trekking, hiking, running, or even just long walks to escape the craziness of home life, Ottie Merino offers a range of merino wool t-shirts made ethically right here in Australia. I wear them on all my treks and totally adore them. Just what you need for all Aussie conditions.
  14. Flowers:

    Perhaps the most popular gift to give, florists run out of stock quickly, so it is best to prepare well in advance. Skip the queues this year and order your flowers online at my favourite place here. They have a stunning range to choose from, including Australian natives (love them!), and for a gift that will last as long as your love, consider selecting one of their gorgeous, dried floral arrangements- shipping available Australia-wide.

    gifts for mother in law
  15. And the most important: Your undivided time and attention.

    Most mums would happily choose your presence over presents. All she may care for is to spend some quality, uninterrupted time with her child. After all, what do mothers enjoy more than seeing their family happy? Help her around the house finishing those jobs she never has the time to get around to doing, or sit down and share a cup of tea and reminisce your childhood. Showing appreciation for all she has done for you does not have to be elaborate. Celebrate with the things that matter most to her – you!


    “A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take” ~Cardinal Mermillod.

    Our mothers have comforted us through scraped knees, inspired us, and soaked in all our troubles like a sponge. This day gives us a chance to reciprocate some of that love.

    So tell me, how do you plan to make this Mother’s Day special for your mum?
    Disclaimer :-Any reviews featured on this blog represent my personal opinion. The links are for your convenience and also because we love to support other small businesses. We have no commercial relationships with any of them. 

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